Village Studio

About Us:

In 2021 Village Studio’s founders Will Luton, Cyril Barrow and Tak Fung set out to make a new kind of game studio: A studio defined by exploring the fascinating design and tech challenges needed to solve interoperability in web3 games. We are using blockchain technologies in order to align developer and player motivations to move items game to game.

Today, we are building a studio defined by a modern way of working; embracing remote working, better work life balance and most importantly, a healthy culture.

At Village we prioritise the right culture and values over a perfect mastery of your craft, so if you feel that you are short on the responsibilities and requirements, but are a perfect fit to our culture, we want to hear from you.

About the role:

As Head of Growth at Village Studio, you are primarily a problem solver, adapting to all challenges and striving to develop and manage the growth strategy of the company.

Key responsibilities:

Build, maintain and grow the awareness of our products, meaning:

  • Own the growth strategy of our community
    • Own our Discord, Twitter and other social media
    • Own our website and other communication channels
    • Own acquisition campaigns
  • Own the growth strategy of our players joining our games and our platform.
    • Own game and product launches
    • Own user acquisition
  • Own the growth strategy of developers using our platform
    • Own developer outreach pipeline.
    • Own pitching and sign up pipeline.
  • Recruit and outsource as necessary
  • Other responsibilities could be: build partnership/collabs with Exchanges, influencers and brands, organise sales with events, manage air drops and giveaways.

Key requirements:

  • Is a problem solver above all, can find solutions to unforeseen situations
  • Understanding of the gaming market and players
  • A game developer outreach capability is a plus
  • A community growth experience is a plus
  • A digital product GTM (go to market) experience is a plus
  • Ready to fully work from home
  • Located in a GMT friendly timezone

About the Culture:

Our culture is defined by few pillars:

  • The Future of Work: We are a four-day a week, fully remote business. We have no office (or even a country), we work 20% less hours than most companies and yet we expect to be as productive, if not more. We achieve this by ignoring outdated assumptions about work and finding ways to work that make sense for a globally connected world.
  • Psychological Safety: The ability to feel safe in the Village Studio community is key to getting wide participation and solving difficult problems.
  • Sustainability: We are a company that plans to be around a long time. This means sustainability has to be built into what we do, from how we work, to our tokenomics design and the use of natural resources.
  • Do The Bird Shit: When we first designed our logo there was a bird shit on it. Was it the right association for our brand? We did it and had a great response. We embrace trivial details and are brave in creative decision making. After all, the best games are all a little weird…